A couple of years ago, coffee was something like a diamond. That was not an expanse, the price of 1 kilogram coffee was about a third of my salary.

Japan's price was the highest in the world. At that time, the idea that "coffee is expensive and expensive" was infested like a fossil. I stood up wanting to open a wind hole in such circulation and to create a circulation revolution. Searching for "how to make cheap and good things", with a corporate motto to "Do not say nothing" and "Enable it if wisdom is narrowed down", always standing at the forefront of the industry, I have pursued.

My aim that I aimed about 50 years ago, I think, was not wrong in retrospect. Today, I think that at least the coffee industry has evolved into a market where good things are available at affordable prices.

And what is "what is really good" that Japanese people now ask for coffee? What is "coffee" for customers tomorrow? What can we return to customers through "coffee"? I think that the "value" that the coffee industry that we have been able to offer is still buried. "Travel" that I started naked consistently about 50 years ago continues now.

At our company, the next generation "co-heperson" is also challenging today with full power. "Travel" to pursue "the value of real coffee we think" is not over yet ...

Mr. Fujita Meng Fujita Coffee Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Our start is "Eagle 150", a coffee shop opened in Osaka Yotsubashi in 1963. Founder Ms. Fujita went on to say "I want to recall my parents who evacuated in the countryside again in the war again" to Osaka.

While grasping the needs of the times and changing flexibly, I value the coffee shop "carefully dedicated coffee carefully" and "encouraging for the family" during the coffee shop era.

Currently focusing on manufacturing and selling regular coffee for home use, we aim for further breakthroughs.

Company Name:    FUJITA COFFEE CO., LTD. Operational Address:    3-6-15,Takaidanishi,Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, Japan Website:    http://www.fujitacoffee.co.jp/

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