Three Stunning, Vet Checked, Lionheads



Three Stunning, Vet Checked, Lionheads

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Full Advert Details Three Gorgeous, very friendly, Double Maned, Lionhead Doe's available and ready to leave now. 

We have two Chocolate and one diluted Orange in colour. 

They are extremely fluffy and adorable! They have been handled by children daily and are used to the sights, sounds and smells of family life. 

The rabbits are £65 each or £120 for two.

They have been fully health checked and sexed by our vet and are now ready to find their forever home!

These are the kits of our doe Ava (Chocolate VM, Double Maned Lionhead) and our buck Otis (Lilac Harlequin VM, Double Maned Lionhead), both of which are health checked.

These babies are microchipped & we will register them in your name and address. They will be sent with enough food for their first few days with you and a care sheet, as well as any ongoing support.

Please be fully aware of what your rabbit will need before deciding to purchase.

Rabbits love company and are highly social animals, it is essential that they have a rabbit friend for company if you're unable to dedicate significant time to socialise with them every day.

Rabbits need to be fed on a healthy diet of hay, high quality pellets (NOT Muesli!), clean, chlorine-free water and the occasional fruit or vegetable treat. They must have an appropriately sized home/ hutch with enough room for them to run, jump, exercise and play!  Your rabbits must be vaccinated yearly against Myxomatosis and VHD 1 & 2. Lionhead rabbits require a large amount of grooming to avoid becoming matted.

Rabbits are not easy and low maintenance pets, they can be at times more demanding than a dog or cat. So please be sure to do your own research before deciding to take a rabbit home. These are animals which deserve to be loved and cared for, for the whole of their lives!

If you wish to purchase one of our girls, a £25 non-refundable deposit is required.

Please understand that we are a busy family and may not be able to instantly reply to your message - please do be patient and we will respond ASAP!

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