Universal Washing Machines, top loading



 Universal Washing Machines, top loading Crystal Washing WFTC16DS-AAIN2P silver  Crystal Washing WFTC16WH-AAIN2P Brand: Universal Load capacity for washing: 16kg Multi-software: 8 programs Color: white Model: Crystal Wash WFTC16WH-AAIN2P Determination of water level required automatically according to washing quantities: Yes Equipped with memory to maintain the current position of operation in case of power failure: Yes Stainless steel washing gown: Yes Equipped with a non-equilibrium adjustment feature: Yes With delay time up to 48 hours: Yes Equipped with automatic fire extinguisishing to provide electricity: Yes Supplied with an ejection pump: Yes Equipped with two waterways: Yes Put clothes of the top for ease of use: Yes Alarmed for early detection of faults: Yes Equipped with a transparent cover to monitor the washing stages: Yes With a digital screen showing all stages of washing: Yes

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